The Old Outhouse

Good Morning to all of you who have not found me yet. I guess I have to go out and find you first? I don’t really know how this works, but I have found a few people as I explore this little world inside my computer.

This morning Granny (that would be me) sat pondering how much the world has changed since I was a little one. Do you know, when I was a little girl, we actually had no indoor plumbing? Sure enough, when nature called, it was a trip to the outhouse to do your business. Now that wasn’t bad because face it, when ya got to go, you just need a place to go. Having said that, it was always a bit scary going out there, especially when I was a little one. I was always afraid I was going to fall down into that hole full of , well, full of that four letter word that begins with “s”. I don’t like to use those four letter words. It’s just so vulgar when people talk that way, but sometimes, like in this case, there is no better way to say it!

Now that old outhouse was a goodly distance from the house, or so it seemed when I was a child. So if ya had business to do, and if it was urgent, well ya better be able to walk pretty fast. Otherwise ya might be having to change your drawers and that wasn’t a good thing since we only had a few items of clothing and mama had an old wringer washer and laundry day was Monday and Monday only, so ya better be careful to keep what clothes ya had clean enough to wear the next day. Well, if I recall, I am pretty sure I had a clean pair of undies to wear for each day, but I didn’t have seven different outfits to wear throughout the week.

Sorry I got a little off track there. That happens when you get old, you tend to veer off the path as you ramble away trying to tell a story.

So back to the old outhouse. One of the things I did not like about the old outhouse, well, besides the smell, but one gets used to that, was what became to be known as potty spider. Now potty spider made her home there inside the outhouse and she was always weaving webs in all the corners of that little place. Sometimes while you were sitting there doing your business, potty spider would decide to make a thread and hang down from it and stare you in the face. Now talk about scaring that four letter word out of you!! But the worst thing was, my mama and daddy always told us kids to be careful because potty spider would sometimes hide under the seat and if we weren’t careful to look before we sat down, well, she might just bite us on the private parts!

Of course we didn’t have to worry about potty spider in the winter time. She went wherever potty spiders go that time of year. What we did have to worry about was freezing our little hineys off. Just the walk out there was enough, but sitting on that cold seat was a shocker, so much so, that your body rebelled and didn’t want to expel the contents normally!

Oh, we did have a pot to piss in inside the house. Mama kept it on the back porch and we could use that at night in the wintertime. But for the most part, we were expected to make our way out to the old outhouse and it was just something we were used to doing.

Our neighbor, an older lady had an outhouse too. We used to go over to her place to pick blueberries to earn money for the fair. So if we had to go potty, well, we could use her outhouse. But I didn’t like to do that, preferred to walk back to our own familiar one. See every outhouse has it’s own smell and hers smelled like old rotten cabbage poop! So on the rare occasion when I did use hers, I had to hold my nose the whole time.

Yes, those were what we old folks call “the good old days”. Who would ever have thought that an old outhouse would bring back fond memories?

I will say that at some point in time, we went modern and had indoor plumbing installed. It was nice to be able to just go do our business without walking outside and facing potty spider, but even after that, if we were outside playing, we would still use the outhouse, that old familiar friend 🙂

I leave you until next time. If’n ya pass through here, stop and sit a spell. We can shoot the bull together or take a nap if you prefer.

Old Granny Annie


Hello from Granny

Hello everyone!  My name is Annie, Old Granny Annie to be exact.  

I am here today to talk to you about anything and everything because that is what old grannies do. We talk, and talk, and talk and talk.  

No one ever listens to us, but we don’t care, we talk anyway because sometimes we get lonely and there is no one to talk to, so we talk to ourselves.   Kind of sad isn’t it?   Little old grannies sitting in their cold dark houses talking to ourselves and answering ourselves too!

So I thought “why not start a blog?”  Who knows, there might be other old grannies (or grandpas) out there who want someone to talk to.  And there might be young people out there who need someone to talk to them.

But don’t worry, talking to you doesn’t mean I will be giving you a “talking to” .  Unless you need a good “talking to” of course.   But I won’t do that until you get to know me and know that I am a nice granny who only wants to see you blossom and grow as a person.

So pull up a chair and let’s talk. 

And talk and talk and talk. (Till one of us falls asleep)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

I look forward to getting to know you.

Until next time!

Old Granny Annie